Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Man's Best Friends .....

They all love the waterMilly having a "mad" in the late evening light at FelbriggeThe "Eye" has itHolly running away from a wave - Westwood HoA very young MillyMilly discovering the lavender hedge
Milly as a puppy with a pile of grassUndivided attentionTwo heads are better than one -Milly on the scent trailMilly rushing around on Lyth Hill on a late winter eveningMilly with a stick
It takes two - sharing a stick at AttinghamMilly on the scent at AttinghamMilly fooling around at West RuntonChasing a stick at AttinghamPoppy playing in the sea at West RuntonWe're not dogs - we're seals!
Milly on the top of a ridge on Wenlock EdgeMilly tearing around on the sands at West RuntonWinter walk through the avenue at FelbriggeMilly and Holly on the white rocks of West Runton beachMilly at West Runton beachPushing our way through the crowds on Holkham Beach

Man's Best Friends ....., a set on Flickr.

A few pictures of our dogs. These were taken in Norfolk, Shropshire and the odd one in Devon. As you can see, water seems to play rather a large part in them. The beach is their idea of paradise!

Inspired by a friend of my wife's, whose canine pictures are really, really excellent. Thanks Jan!

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