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2005 Audi TT Mk 1 Coupe for Sale

Men don’t cry, but there is a fair chance I’ll have a tear in my eye when my coveted Audi TT finally goes off to its new owner. It’s one of the very last Mark 1 TTs ever made, and in my eyes, this car is the best looking car ever designed in the last 50 years.

Audi TT for Sale
I ordered one on the First Day of the Motor Show in 1998, and, mainly because of medical problems resulting in a Heart By-Pass, had to cancel it just before it was delivered. By that time, I’d ordered a number plate for it which I’ve had on a succession of cars ever since that date.

A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to own one and set about looking around for the best one I could find, something which was a bit more difficult now that the original car has been out of production for 6 years. After many months, I found one which fitted the bill perfectly, in an Audi Dealership in the north of England. It was almost the last one made, had a very low mileage, was painted in the classic German Racing colours of Avus Silver, had every extra on the Audi Option List fitted to it, had never been in an Accident, and had been through Volkswagen’s 110 point Used Car Check List, before being put on sale.

I rang the dealer, immediately put a deposit down on it, and set off the next day to see it. Thank Goodness I had done that, because the list of people who’d not been quite as quick on the draw as I had was amazing. This came to light when I was daft enough to try to negotiate a discount on it, and the salesman simply showed me the list of e-mails from potential buyers on his computer. One poor guy had turned up in the dealership with the asking price in used pound notes a few minutes after I’d paid my money over, and went berserk because the Salesman wouldn’t sell it to him. The Early Bird, and all that …..

Interior View

All doors open

Rear View - Personalised Number Plate not for sale

Front View - Personalised Number Plate Not for Sale

Side View

Rear Corner View
I drove it and bought it, it was as simple as that. I couldn’t find a fault on it, inside or out. I’ve since driven it for about 12,000 miles in the last 18 months, and it has been absolutely perfect. Nothing has even looked as if it was going to go wrong. It’s really two cars in one. It drives like a saloon car when you want to pick the grandchildren up from school, and it changes very quickly into a very exciting car if that’s what you want. In truth, I don’t think it’s an out and out sports car. To me it’s a perfect Grand Tourer. Ideal for two people, and a pile of luggage. If you wanted to jump in in and drive across the continent, you’d just get in and off you’d go.

I’m of an age now when I’m entitled to a Bus Pass, although, as a point of Principle, I refuse to get one, and the running costs are less than I’d anticipated. It does 29mpg in my hands, although my driving, which averages 33mph may help a bit here. I insure it for just over £300 per year, and, apart from routine servicing, and a new set of tyres a few miles ago, I’ve not had to spend a single penny in its upkeep.

So, if it’s that good, why is it for sale?

My wife cannot get comfortable driving it, as she cannot get used to the low driving position after her VW Tiguan. And I refuse to put our dog in the back as it would make it dirty (the car, not the dog). So, it’s all caused a bit of marital disharmony, and, much as I love the car, I love my wife more. So, the car has to go. It’s a close run thing. If I had a bit more room on my drive for a third car, I’d keep it, but I haven’t, so there we go.

So, I’ve already bought the next best thing – a late spec Volkswagen Golf R32. Same power unit (it’s a truly fantastic Engine/Gearbox combination), same high spec, but this has four seats – and space for the pooch. It’s a really lovely car, but whilst it drives and handles just like the Audi, it’s nowhere near as good looking. Every time I get out of the Audi, I have a smile on my face and I still find myself looking out of the window at it, just to admire its design. The Golf is a very, very good car, but you don’t drool over it, or at least I don’t. Head, not Heart, if you get my drift.

I can’t say this Audi is the best one available to buy - anyone who says that about the car they’re selling has got to be fibbing a bit. All I can say is that, it was the best one I could find when I looked around, and I looked at an awful lot of them. I have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, so I like to think I know what I’m looking for! And absolutely nothing has gone wrong in the 18 months I’ve had it. Inside and out, it looks far newer than you’ve any right to expect from a 2010 motor car let alone one built in 2005. Everything works as it should. It’s got the highest spec you’ll find, and it’s never been abused. I can’t think of a single thing which would mark it down.

The VW Used Car checking programme is as thorough as any in the car industry, and they won’t sell a car in their Dealerships if it doesn’t pass every one of their 110 checks. That’s why you find hardly any Mark 1 TT’s for sale in the VW/Audi Network – and why I snapped this one up so quickly. So, if you can find a better one, then I would suggest you grab it immediately. Personally however, I can’t think of any way you’d improve on the one I’m selling, but that decision is down to you.

If there’s anything you want to know about the car, please email me, or ring 07686 195222. I’ll do what I can to answer your questions.

Additional features on this car -  

• Special Avus Silver Metallic Paintwork – a shade darker and much more subtle than the standard Silver paint finish
• Heated Pale Grey Nappa Leather Seats – they are very classy, in my opinion, and lighten the interior up no end
• Factory Fitted Audi Satellite Navigation System
• Cruise Control
• Factory Fitted Cup Holders (believe it or not, these are very rare!)
• Factory Fitted “Bose” Sound Upgrade for some serious sounds!
• Factory Fitted 6 CD Autochanger
• 18 inch Seven Spoke Alloy Wheels (unkerbed)
• 4 new Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres a few hundred miles ago
• Rubber Mats as well as Carpets
• Main Beam Bulbs upgraded with Philips X-Treme Power Bulbs – these are the best and brightest legal bulbs available in the UK. The Standard dipped beam Xenons are very good, but the standard Main beams are not adequate in my opinion
• MOT until end June 2012
• Taxed until end July 2012
• Spare Tyre included – the car has no space for a spare, so I’ve kept a decent spare if you need a replacement quickly.
• VW/Audi Extended Warranty available

In addition to the above, the Car’s Standard Spec is very high – see below
• 2005 (55 Reg) Model Year – first registered October 2005
• Two previous owners
• 35,500 miles
• 3.2 litre V-6 engine
• DSG Paddle Shift 6 Speed Automatic Gearbox
• Full Service History
• Launch Control
• Air Conditioning
• Electric Windows
• Electric Door Mirrors
• Climate Control
• Headlight Washers
• Xenon headlights
• Audi “Chorus” Radio/Cassette system
• Side Airbags
• Switchable Passenger Airbag
• Driver’s Airbag
• Traction Control/ESP
• Folding Rear Seats
• Front Fog Lights
• Remote Central Locking
• Service Indicator
• Trip Computer
• 2 Keys
• Unfortunately the Personalised Number Plate is Not for Sale

If you are interested in this car, preferably please visit the Autotrader Site, or email me on roger.cable@gmail.com. Alternatively ring 07786 195222.

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Nice tribute to a lovely car. I hope it went to a driver who will care for it as much as you did.