Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've moaned here a few times before about the fact that one of the great TV Dramas I've ever seen has never been available on DVD. "Tutti Frutti" is a six part tragi/comedy first shown in the mid Eighties. Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson and Richard Wilson were the, then new, stars of this story of the Majestics, an ageing Scottish rock band touring the most remote villages and towns in Scotland on their ill fated 25th Silver Jubilee tour.

It drips with black comedy, great performances, and an unusually high body count. Robbie Ciltrane singing "Love Hurts" to Emma Thompson is very touching and moving. And he's got a great voice.

Written by John Byrne, it was simply the best comedy drama series I've ever watched. It quickly gained a "cult" status, made more so over the years because of the rumours of why it had never been repeated since the first showings. Copyright problems with some of the songs, members of the cast who didn't want it to be seen again, suggestions that some bright spark in the BBC had wiped the tapes - even the thought that, because John Byrne refused to write a sequel, a BBC Big-Wig was witholding permission to release it, as a punishment - all these have surfaced from time to time.

Thye really sad thing is there is a whole generation who have been denied a classic series which is up with the very, very best.



The Beeb has announced that it's on the market from August 3rd.


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