Thursday, August 10, 2006


Life moves on.

The first “Rage against the Machine No.1”, (posting 8th August), has our intrepid hero, Mel Smith, presenting two very Churchillian fingers to the Edinburgh City Council about smoking a (gasp) – actually there’s a bit of a joke in there somewhere– real cigar in a Show at the Festival in which he was playing Winnie.

Came the First Night, who should turn up but the good men from the Council, who apparently announced, in the joyous way given to Scottish local officials, that if he smoked the offending article, they would shut the show down.

So he didn’t, and they didn’t.

What would Churchill have done in these circumstances? You’d like to think he would have followed Kenny Everett’s American General’s lead (you know, the one with the six feet wide shoulders) – “We’re going round’em up, put’em in a field, and bomb the Bastards!”

But he didn’t.

The Show must go on? Or another nail in the coffin?


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