Saturday, June 23, 2007


Anyone with the slightest interest in Motor racing today, cannot but have noticed the meteoric rise to almost super-stardom, in only a few weeks, of Lewis Hamilton. Having been nurtured and mentored by Ron Dennis, the boss of McClaren, he slid smoothly into the absolute top echelon of the sport, having very precociously won Two Grand Prixs after starting in Formula 1 only in March this year. It took everyone else ages longer to get to the same position - Schumacher, for instance, took over two years, not two months, to get two wins under his belt.

And, apart from being a very fast racing driver, the guy seems to be disarmingly and unfailingly nice, he's totally fluent in "corporate speak" as if he's known the language for years, he's utterly polite, and seems to be the perfectly equipped individual for a sport which is heading into new countries, and even continents, at a rapid rate. Everyone seems to have a view that he has no faults - in a sport where image is so important, he is a Marketing Man's dream.

Except - he's not the only British Formula One driver on the scene, and a simple image taken at the marvellous Festival of Speed at Goodwood yesterday may well have identified at least one person who probably wishes he'd never heard Lewis Hamilton's name.

Seen on a very large pile of identical scale model Racing Cars for sale on a stall.


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