Tuesday, March 06, 2007


First we have the Police picking up an e-mail from “someone” about “Cash-for-Honours”. Then the Attorney General takes out an injunction to prevent the contents of the e-mail from being printed. Then we have an attempt by Our Glorious Leaders to prevent us even knowing that the first injunction even exists.

Now, we are told, that the e-mail, which was written by Ruth Kelly to Jonathan Powell, Blair’s Chief of Staff, was believed to be so sensitive that it was never even sent!

We really are living in “Alice in Wonderland” here. If someone has some thoughts that are so dangerous either to the writer, or the recipient, then it seems to me very sensible not even to think of writing them down.

Here’s another example of the permanent, uneraseable imprint of the e-mail. There always seems to be a Hard Disc somewhere which has a copy of what you do on it. Just pressing the “Save as Draft” button isn’t like tearing up a piece of paper into a myriad of tiny pieces. It just stores them on a different part of the Hard Disc, or someone else’s Hard Disc.

It would be cruelly rather fitting if something which did NOT get sent proved to be the undoing of the people under investigation for this issue. The silly thing here is that, since times immemorial, politicians have been giving or selling honours to people who give them money. All parties are probably doing it, which is why none of the Tory or LibDems are up on their high horses about it. The real issue here which is the one that will get them, as usual, is not the act itself, but the attempt to cover it all up.

They never seem to look at history, let alone learn from it.

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