Tuesday, April 03, 2007


If you don’t think YouTube and its lookalikes are going to be an exponentially increasing form of mainstream entertainment in the future, you are missing out on a true use of the internet. Here’s an example. I don't know who to credit, but he's Norwegian, and he sure deserves one.

Yes, I know it’s silly. And I know it’s dangerous, And it’s also quite pointless, but it’s saving grace is it’s hugely funny, and if you don’t get a buzz at watching it, you should go and see your doctor. If you've seen it before, watch it again. if you've missed it, it's too stupid for words - that's why there aren't any.

For "Guardian" readers among you all, no London Transport Ticket Collectors were hurt in the making of this video, although you can imagine the Health and Safety wave of grey disapproval that met its publication.

And on the basis that "If you liked that, you'll like this", here's another short clip showing the mad Norwegian skier approaching Angel Tube station to shoot the video.
Just joking.

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